Deakin Medical Students

Active Health Portland is a teaching clinic and therefore regularly hosts nursing, medical and allied health students.

In 2019 Active Health is host to 2 Medical Students from Deakin University; Chantelle Valente and Fidel Toomey.

Chantelle and Fidel will co-consult with senior doctors including Dr Marg Garde and Dr Deborah Carrington.

Chantelle is a 24-year old 3rd year medical student from Deakin University. She completed her Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide prior to commencing medicine. Since starting medical school, Chantelle has taken an interest in primary and preventative medicine and has become more and more fond of rural general practice. Chantelle is excited to get more clinical experience in her area of interest in Portland during 2019, as well as immersing herself into the Portland community.

Fidel is a 23-year old 3rd year medical student from Deakin University who completed a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Sydney before starting medicine. Fidel has a particular interest in neurology, surgery and promoting health through lifestyle change so as to prevent disease. Fidel is excited to be a part of Active health and wider Portland community in 2019!

On days that the students are in clinic you may be offered an appointment with them if they are working with the senior doctor you wish to see.

When you have an appointment with one of the students they will begin the consult taking some initial assessments before the senior doctor joins them . This allows the students to continue to practice and develop their medical skills in a clinical setting and also gives them valuable face to face time with patients.

As mentioned Active Health Portland is a teaching clinic and we aim to offer our students the opportunity to experience a broad range of aspects in the clinical setting. We therefore encourage patients to allow students to co-consult with GP’s but understand if at any time you decline to have them present during your consult.

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